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For Safety, Security, Beauty, Style and more Share your ideas with us and we can turn your Glass Block Dream into a Reality

Glass Block Shower Enclosures

Glass Block Shower Enclosures are elegant and stylish. Keep coming back to get ideas and tutorials on creating and designing your own Glass Block Shower Enclosures that will make your bathroom your new favorite place.

Glass Block Bars

Add a beautiful Glass Block Bar to your basement, or party room to make your home the new favorite hangout of your closest friends and family. Keep coming back for additional photos and feel free to share your own ideas.

Glass Block Walls

Glass Block Walls really bring a little something extra to a home. They add light and an elegant feel. We like to say we have seen it all, but then someone surprises us with a creation that surpasses all other Glass Block structures. Share your ideas and come back for more ideas and tips.

Glass Block Windows

Need a little security for your family and valuables? Glass Block is your solution. Glass Blocks are durable, easy to clean and have significant light transmission to keep your home naturally lighted (not to mention their enrgy saving value).

Glass Block Ideas

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